Previous work

You can see everything I wrote during my stint on AutoClassics here.

There’s also the first of my regular cars and watches features for Revolution magazine here and a piece on the brilliant Golden Age Cycles for EuroNews LivingIt here.

And for Octane and Vantage magazine features, there’s a small but varied selection below. Click on the pictures to read the full features in PDF form:

Judging at Monterey Car Week

From the pressure of finding the right car at The Quail to the hilarity of selecting the wrong car at the crazy Concours d’LeMons – with a star appearance from Wayne Carini of Chasing Classic Cars TV fame.



How to make a new Jaguar XKSS

The inside story of how Jaguar Classic have been able to produce accurate recreations – or ‘continuations’ – of the iconic XKSS.


Driving Janis Joplin’s Porsche

What a privilege! This is the psychedelic 356 owned by the legendary singer until her death in October 1970.

Joplin Porsche


Cuba’s other classic car owners

Havana’s best known for its much-modified 1950s American cars – but there’s a lesser known sub-culture of DKW and Auto Union owners trying against the odds to keep their little two-stroke classics on the road.

Cuba copy


Inside Henry Ford’s house

Who would believe that the beloved house of Henry Ford could have been allowed to fall into disrepair? But it’s true! I was given exclusive access to the house before restoration finally began. It’s an amazing place.

Henry Ford


The madness of a Barrett-Jackson auction

Ever been to the Barrett-Jackson sale at Scottsdale? It’s bigger, crazier and much, much louder than you could ever imagine.

Barrett Jackson


Driving the Rain Man Buick

Yes, it’s the actual car, and to make the day even better, it came with a real-life Wayne Carini inside!

Rain Man


Rallying a Land Rover Defender

Land Rovers are great off-road. But driving one fast off road is another thing entirely. Here’s how one built for stage rallying feels at speed (spoiler alert: it’s quite scary).



Porsche 911 ‘reimagined’ by Singer

Is a Singer really as good as they say? An eye-popping, gut-wrenching drive through the canyon roads of Carmel Valley gave the answer…

Singer Porsche


Lancia works cars on the road

From the incredible collection of John Campion, I drove ex-works Lancia Integrale, 037 and Beta Montecarlo on fast, challenging closed roads. It was quite a day!


Aston Martin Vulcan

Again from Vantage magazine, this is the story of the first customer experiences of the then-new, still-mad Vulcan, culminating in a ten-tenths passenger ride with works driver Darren Turner.



Aston Martin to El Mirage

It’s hot, it’s dusty and it’s home to some of the world’s best land speed record cars and bikes. A trip to El Mirage was on the bucket list, and taking an Aston made it even better. This featured in Vantage magazine.

El Mirage Aston

Grateful thanks to Octane magazine and Dennis Publishing for the use of the PDFs of my features. Also to ace photographer Matt Howell, whose pictures form the important bit of many of my features.