I’m a writer, editor and contract publisher, specialising in automotive, travel and watches – and whatever else takes my fancy.

I’m also editorial director of Hothouse Media, a contract publishing company with specialists in project management, data and subscriptions, automotive and luxury goods advertising, design, website design, SEO and content creation (editorial, videography, photography, illustration).

I’ve been a motoring journalist since 1992, scarily. I trained as an electronics engineer, specialising in radar, but a job on Practical Classics tempted me away, and I’ve never looked back.

In 2003 I became co-founder of Octane magazine, following – of course – a ‘what if’ conversation in a pub. With backing from then-chairman of Crystal Palace FC Simon Jordan, we launched Octane and four years later sold it to Dennis Publishing. I stayed with the magazine, later helping to launch Vantage and Enzo magazines, and overseeing Land Rover Monthly.

In 2017, with fellow Octane founder Geoff Love, I was launch editor of AutoClassics.com, which in nine months became the world’s biggest classic car website in terms of the number of cars for sale on the site.

After a year I left to form Hothouse Media with fellow Octane founder Geoff Love, and we’ve now launched new print quarterly Magneto and become global news contributors to Petrolicious – including organising the first ever Petrolicious Drivers’ Meeting.


September 2018-present day: writer and editorial consultant. Editorial director at Hothouse Media, editor of Magneto magazine and consultant and contributor to Petrolicious

August 2017-2018: global editor-in-chief of new launch AutoClassics.com, part of Motorsport Network

2012-2017: editorial director of Octane, Vantage, Enzo, and Land Rover Monthly magazines

2009-2012: editor of Octane magazine

2003-2009: co-founder and managing editor of Octane magazine

2001-2003: freelance editorial consultant to The Telegraph (Motoring), Auto Express, Motorcycle News, Practical Classics, Classic Cars, Bike, Performance Bikes, Revs, Max Power and more

1998-2000: deputy editor Bike

1996-1998: deputy editor Classic Cars

1992-1996: staff writer & later deputy editor of Practical Classics.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mr Lillywhite
    I purchased the 2020 edition of classic car price guide and found my car. A Nissan GTR v spec missing. Is this for any reason or just an oversight as I would like to know roughly what they’re worth?

  2. Hi. Please can you tell me why the mk6 ford escort RS2000 16v has been left out of your classic car price guide . It has had plenty of bad press by other motoring press. I don’t understand why because it is a very underrated Ford RS , its performance 0 to 60 in 8.2seconds top speed 130mph it is no slouch. It did very well in motorsport in the nineties. I noticed you have put mk1 focus in your guide so why not RS2000.

  3. Pleased to see you progressing, I look forward to reading Magneto ( having just subscribed), enjoyed Octane for many years.

    I trust you still find time for your fleet? Mine’s a bit erratic, the Racing Humber has gone on, but I have an RX8 racer, modern Anarth 595 Trofeo, 2004 MGTF and Lancia Fulvia Berlina. Just as well I’m retired..

  4. Dear David, I have read your report about the Lamborghini Moura in the German magazine “Faszination Italienische Sportwagen” in which you mention that the Miura ranks first in your personal Top-10-List (which consists of more than 20 candidates 🙂 ). Where does the DeTomaso Pantera stand in your list. I am interested to know as I have the chance of buying one in tremendously good condition. Regards Michael

    • Hi Michael, I really rate the Pantera, it’s much easier to live with than the Miura. I prefer the looks of the early Panteras but the later ones are better developed
      best regards

  5. Hi David, long time no see! I used to work with you at Walton Road many years ago, I remember going around to yours to look at one of your Imps (or was it a Chamois?). Our little branch of MSDS was a bit of a hothouse for classic cars, with you and Tony Phipps both into your 60s British cars!

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